GE Upgrades European Grid Software

August 22, 2014 By Karen Henry

General Electric energy manageGE has upgraded its PowerOn Advantage Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS), which Europe uses to manage its grid. The software provides grid operators a real-time centralized view of work processes across the grid to help optimize the network’s performance. It includes outage management system (OMS) and distribution management system (DMS) capabilities.

PowerOn Advantage ADMS supports grid operators through a user interface, where data finds the user via a predefined dashboard with user-configurable widgets. Guided work pages and streamlined workflows provide advanced situational awareness, helping to guide decision-making during critical situations.

PowerOn Advantage can be offered as a standalone OMS or DMS as well as an integrated ADMS. The upgraded technology joins GE’s PowerOn platform of grid management products and is part of the company’s portfolio of Industrial Internet solutions, which establish a constant flow of communication between a business operation and its machines. The Industrial Internet enables big data to be converted into real-time analytical insight, improving grid reliability and efficiency.

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