GEI Global Announces Location for Italy Fuel Cell Deployment

August 12, 2014 By Karen Henry

GEI-logo-energy-manageGEI Global Energy, a fuel cell electric power-generation company, has received final approval from the mayor and city council to locate a 5 kW fuel cell power system within the city of Due Carrare, Italy, outside of Venice. A pilot plant and technology showcase will provide over 6,000 kWh per month of combined heat and power (CHP) to publicly owned buildings, shopping malls, commercial real estate and industries operating on methane or natural gas.

GEI Global announced the partnership with the Italian firm Associazione Italiana per lo Sviluppo Economico (AISVEC) on July 9. The partnership aims to leverage the global natural gas supply infrastructure to deploy its fuel-efficient electric power generation devices within Italy and Europe.

Initially, the partnership will focus on the Italian market. It will later focus on other European countries, the Balkans and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries, according to the firm. AISVEC is also negotiating with governmental authorities in Central and Eastern Europe regarding fuel supply, power requirements and economic development.

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