George T. Wilkinson Acquires Atlas Boiler Works

December 15, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Massachusetts’-based boiler company George T. Wilkinson has acquired the assets of Providence, RI-based Atlas Boiler Works and Acme Boiler Rentals.

Through this acquisition, George T. Wilkinson’s mobile company, Wilkinson Mobile Boilers, will more than double the amount of high and low pressure steam boilers and hot water boiler trailers in its fleet. Additionally, the company will be able to offer new and existing customers expanded options for both rental and emergency use of trailered and non-trailered double-walled oil tanks. The procurement will also enable Wilkinson Mobile Boilers to provide larger horsepower units and a wide range of boiler sizes.

The acquisition will also open a larger customer base for Wilkinson Mobile Boilers and George T. Wilkinson to expand the reach of its boiler products and services to commercial and industrial customers throughout New England.

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