GPS-Enabled LED Streetlights Save $600,000 per Year

July 20, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

LED streetlightsThe City of Oceanside, California, recently installed more than 7,700 GE LED roadway fixtures equipped with a GPS-enabled controls system. A GPS chip on every fixture is part of GE’s LightGrid technology. A node or photo control on the LEDs allows the city’s Public Works team to monitor each light through a Web-based interface and immediately respond to maintenance or operational needs.

The controls system also allows the city to activate more precise on/off and street-light dimming schedules, particularly in low-traffic areas and during overnight hours, to save the city in energy-related costs.

The LEDs replaced legacy high pressure sodium street lights and are expected to drive energy and maintenance savings of about $600,000 annually.

Energy-efficient lighting is a part of a greater initiative, the Green Oceanside campaign, which was established to implement programs for energy efficiency, recycling and water conservation.

The lighting retrofit was funded by a $5 million government grant.

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