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Green Harbor ‘Monetizes’ Energy Efficiency Savings

July 16, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

energy manage creditsGeosyntec is expanding its services to include consulting, engineering and marketing to help clients monetize their energy efficiency savings and renewable energy production through environmental credit markets. These services are now offered through Green Harbor Energy, a division of Geosyntec Consultants.

Green Harbor Energy says it has “pioneered the market for credits from energy efficiency savings, known as Energy Efficiency Certificates (EECs).” The company has also helped solar photovoltaic facilities in multiple states qualify for the creation of Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs).

“We created and sold the first EECs in every state with an active tradable market for credits, specifically: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Illinois, giving us unmatched insight into the market to help our clients maximize the value of their environmental energy credits,” said Green Harbor Managing Director Paul MacGregor.

Green Harbor Energy works with clients to: define and assess efficiency and renewable project opportunities; qualify efficiency and renewable projects for the production of credits; measure, verify, and certify energy savings and renewable production; aggregate, market and sell certified credits in state and national markets; provide financial services in the contracting of credit sales; and manage and deliver credits through exchanges and national markets.

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