GridPoint Boosts Energy Management with MicroStrategy

October 23, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

GridPoint energy manageMicroStrategy, a provider of enterprise software platforms, is powering a more robust energy management platform for GridPoint.

The collaboration enables GridPoint to boost enterprise-wide energy analytics within its cloud-based software system. Incorporating the MicroStrategy Analytics Platform into GridPoint Energy Manager will allow customers to visualize asset-level data collected through GridPoint’s submetering and monitoring activities across a fleet of sites.

GridPoint says data-driven energy management is one of the driving forces of the energy management systems market as identified in its white paper, “Five Megatrends Shaping the Energy Conscious Enterprise.”

The five megatrends according to GridPoint are:

1. Rising and volatile energy prices which are predicted to increase considerably over the next few decades and are affected by overarching political or weather events;

2. New government regulations and standards that are calling for dramatic reductions in carbon pollution and more stringent efficiency measures;

3. A greater emphasis on corporate responsibility including initiatives to decrease the carbon footprint and integrate renewable sources of energy into an overall energy management strategy;

4. The rapid growth of the Internet of Things and its associated technologies including low cost sensors, wireless devices and big data analytics; and

5. Data-driven energy management strategies, which underscore the importance of management through measurement and substantiate energy decisions with real, empirical evidence.

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