Helping Building Automation Grow

October 2, 2015 By Carl Weinschenk

Buildings Energy ManageGreat efficiencies can be gained by the use of information technology (IT) in buildings The goal of total automation is far off, according to a commentary by Smart Building’s Jim Sinopoli at He laid out the building blocks of automated buildings. They include data that are far more granular than system-wide views; fully developed and detailed policies and logic; deep data analytics and understanding of “the Larger Context of Information and Communications Technology ICT.”

The bottom line is that the tremendous gains only will be made if a deep engagement is made on multiple levels. In addition, he writes, personnel highly trained in IT are necessary.

The CAN newsletter offers more insight into building automation. It suggests that building automation is immature compared to control of industrial systems, vehicles and aircraft. The basic ideas are similar and share many synergies are possible.

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