Hilton Austin Conducts $22M Renovation with Networked Energy Management

August 24, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

HiltonHilton Austin conducted a $22 million renovation that included an energy management system (EMS) from INNCOM by Honeywell.

Austin has mandated that commercial buildings 10,000 square feet or larger must conduct an annual conservation audit and report their energy rating to the city. So when Hilton Austin decided to renovate its 801 rooms, it was concerned with energy efficiency as part of the larger project. The hotel chose INNCOM by Honeywell’s Deep Mesh Network with wireless integration because the technology handles not only energy management but other functions as well.

An INNCOM bedside controller lets guests adjust room temperature and lighting without changing wall switches or thermostats. INNCOM’s controller also sends privacy and “request service” messages to housekeeping. The INNCOM Deep Mesh network wirelessly links in-room lighting, thermostats, energy systems, and the property’s guest room door locks. Sensors monitor when a guest enters or leaves a room and sends an alert if the room is vacant and the door is ajar, ensuring guest security.

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