HiQ Solar Announces Liberty 480V PV Inverter

July 15, 2014 By Karen Henry

HiQ-inverter-energy-manageHiQ Solar has introduced the Liberty 480V 3-phase, 1,000Vdc inverter. The 8 kW inverter is packaged in a NEMA6 enclosure and weighs 24 lbs. It is suitable for rooftop, carport and other locations and can be mounted almost anywhere. The sealed, waterproof and silent package is suitable for hostile environments such as desert, coastal and high-altitude locations. It has peak efficiency above 98.5 percent, and conforms to UL1741. It has a power density of 0.72 kW/kg, twice the power density of large string inverters.

Where other string inverters parallel several strings together, the Liberty inverter handles two 4 kW single strings individually, providing separate monitoring, MPPT and arc detection for each.

The product is aimed at commercial photovoltaic (PV) solar installations.

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