Honeywell Integrates LEED Dynamic Plaque

October 22, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Plaque energy manageThe US Green Building Council is integrating its new LEED Dynamic Plaque near-real-time monitoring tool with building automation technology from Honeywell.

The LEED Dynamic Plaque assesses facility performance in the categories of energy use, water consumption, waste output, occupant transportation and human experience, aggregating data to provide an overall performance score that reflects the LEED rating system. It includes a physical “plaque” display for mounting in a prominent location so tenants and guests can view and better understand the building’s ongoing rating. It also features an app for remote access.

By integrating with Honeywell technology, the plaque automatically receives information from core building systems that contribute to a facility’s LEED performance score, in addition to input from occupant surveys and waste tracking information. The score updates as data feeds in and can raise awareness of likely issues and potential fixes.

The USGBC headquarters in Washington, DC, and the San Francisco office of DPR Construction are the first two locations to pilot the LEED Dynamic Plaque powered by Honeywell building systems. DPR is using the tool not only to assist in the recertification of its LEED building, but also to help meet its commitment to becoming a net-zero energy facility.

The USGBC and DPR offices use Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI), a building management system, and Attune Services to automate data collection and integration with the plaque.

The LEED Dynamic Plaque is geared specifically for buildings that have already achieved LEED certification.

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