Honeywell Smart Building Technology Uses ‘Tablet-Like’ Visualization

May 26, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

HoneywellHoneywell’s next generation of smart building technology, Command and Control Suite, turns complex facility data into recommendations. All components of the Command and Control Suite were built with the intuitive simplicity of tablets to make the technology accessible to both a facility manager and a chief operating officer.

The Command Wall, the core of the suite, features map-based visualization and navigation, along with integrated workflows and system-wide integration. It presents data from multiple systems across a facility, such as utility meters and temperature sensors. Users can access an enterprise-wide view and also zoom into specific areas.

Command and Control Suite technologies integrate with Honeywell’s building management platform, Enterprise Buildings Integrator, which helps facilitate the integration of security, comfort, life safety and energy systems, among other functions.

Command and Control Suite can provide a holistic view of a connected building’s video feeds, access control and fire alarms, for example, and pull in relevant information from human resource applications. Integrating data from these disparate systems could help security personnel track occupants and make sure they exit the facility in the event of an evacuation.

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