Hybrid Converter Integrates Multiple Power Sources for Microgrids

July 24, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

hybrid energy manageIdeal Power introduced its 3-port 30 kW hybrid converter, which offers the ability to integrate energy storage and solar photovoltaic to accelerate deployment of microgrids.

The hybrid converter integrates multiple power sources for microgrids, delivering grid resiliency during blackouts and reducing dependency on diesel fuel for off-grid applications.

Ideal Power’s Hybrid Converter Family is the first to use the company’s patented Power Packet Switching Architecture in a 3-port product. This enables the integration of solar PV inverter functions on one DC port and bi-directional battery converter functions on the second DC port while a third AC port is used to support both grid-tied and microgrid applications. The DC port functionality is software-defined, enabling integration of other power sources including diesel gensets, EV charging infrastructure or DC microgrids.

The company announced the product last year and won the Innovation Award at the National Innovation Conference in Washington, DC.


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  1. This article is a bit misleading. The systems are not capable of supporting high capacity energy storage technologies like GigaCapacitors, even the low voltage ones coming out soon. We hope they change their mind and implement something more commercially viable.

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