Hybrid Gensets Can Help Solve a Big Problem for the Mining Industry

October 6, 2015 By Carl Weinschenk

thenergySolar-diesel hybrid gensets balance the solar output with the guaranteed output from the diesel element. THEnergy Consulting and Danvest have released a study suggesting that these hybrid platforms are perfectly suited to the mining industry. The study shows that low-load gensets almost double use of solar and enable the diesel elements to run far more efficiently. These platforms therefore are well positioned to lower the operational cost of mines, which are liable to constant changes from light to dark.

The study highlights Danvest’s Poweer Box, which incorporates either Cummins or CAT engines. The switchovers from solar to diesel, according to THEnergy, are accomplished quickly. Operations range from almost fully diesel to fully solar.

Mining Weekly, in an advance story about Energy and Mines’ annual conference, pointed out that renewable energy is a key tool that the mining industry has at its disposal to confront the challenge of rising energy costs. The conference is set for October 22 to 23 in Toronto.

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