IKEA to Add Wind Capacity

December 11, 2015 By Carl Weinschenk

IKEA Energy ManageIKEA is adding at least one wind farm to those it already owns as it works to become energy neutral by 2020, according to Reuters. The story says that the company is producing 53 percent of its energy by wind. When the farms it owns are fully operational, the story says, the portion of renewable energy will reach 76 percent, or 3.6 TWh of the 5.1 TWh it consumes.

The company will invest 66 million euros on renewable energy as a follow up to the 1.5 billion euros it has invested since 2009. It is looking for a new supplier of solar panels after dropping Hanergy Thin Film Power after a pilot project, the story said.

In late October, IKEA said that it is placing what it said is the largest single-use solar energy system atop a commercial building in Nevada at its Las Vegas store.

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