Ingersoll Rand Offers Greener Refrigerant-Bearing Products

January 27, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

Ingersoll Rand energy manageIngersoll Rand has created the EcoWise portfolio for its climate and industrial refrigerant-bearing products that are designed to lower environmental impact with low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants and energy efficient operation.

Two of the first products to earn the EcoWise endorsement are:

Trane Sintesis air-cooled chiller offers customers the choice of operating with a next generation, low GWP refrigerant — DuPont Opteon XP10 (R-513A) or with R-134a. The product will be available in North America and Latin America with the next generation refrigerant option in June 2015.

Trane Series E CenTraVac is a large-capacity chiller that uses the same low-pressure design on which current CenTraVac chillers were based, and uses a next generation, low GWP refrigerant, Honeywell Solstice zd (R-1233zd(E)). It is up to 10 percent more energy efficient than the next available centrifugal chiller available today, says the company, and is available in Europe, the Middle East and other 50hz markets including Japan.

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