Inventors Claim Compressor Design 30% More Efficient

October 7, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

compressor energy manageRay McKenzie and Mac Chaney are conducting a kickstarter campaign for a compressor they have invented, which they say is 30 percent more energy efficient than conventional equipment. Their Advanced Linear Refrigerant Compressor, dubbed the RayMac Compressor (RMC), can be used in a variety of applications, including HVAC, heat-pump water heaters, refrigerators, geo-thermal systems, window air conditioners and food preservation coolers.

The inventors say the RMC has only one moving part, eliminates much of the energy lost to friction in rotating motors, and uses virtually no copper, reducing cost and weight. Other features of the RMC include:

-Variable stroke that enables differing workloads and conditions

-No cycling, which eliminates start-up power-surges and reduces power consumption

-No start or run capacitors, the least reliable components in an HVAC system

At the present time, the RMC is operating at an efficiency level that is 30 percent higher than typical compressors. McKenzie and Chaney say that with additional research and testing the unit’s efficiency can reach up to 50 percent.

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