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Data Center Owner Offers Customers Renewable Energy Option

February 27, 2015 By Karen Henry

io data center phoenix Energy ManageIO has announced a renewable energy program for its data center customers. Under an agreement with Arizona Public Service (APS), IO’s Arizona data center customers can purchase 100 percent renewable energy for their data center operations.

Through this agreement, customers can opt in to receive access to clean power generated by wind and solar plants at an incremental cost. The new rate provides access to renewable energy and price certainty.

IO’s extremely high load factor helps APS plan capacity allocation and operate more optimally. Given IO’s need for high reliability and power quality, the cost of electricity is a material component of IO’s cost to operate its business. The long-term contract negotiated by APS and IO provides a flat power rate allowing IO to compete with other service territories.

An APS evaluation showed that a modular data center technology installation in IO’s Phoenix facility (pictured) has achieved 19 percent energy cost savings quantified by its improved Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratings.

The renewable energy program is part of IO’s broader effort to encourage greener data center practices and engage utilities, vendors and elected officials to enable procurement of renewable energy.

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