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Irrigation Company Generates Hydro Power

June 16, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

IrrigationRentricity, an in-pipe hydropower energy company, has commenced a project in Utah for the Richmond Irrigation Company (RIC), which will use its own irrigation flows to also create clean energy.

Rentricity’s Flow-to-Wire system captures excess pressure and flow within gravity-fed water distribution pipelines, converting it into energy for the electric grid or for the customer’s onsite use.

The RIC project, which is part of a new irrigation pipeline upgrade, involves energy recovery at two sites targeted to generate more than 300 kW. The project will provide conduit-based irrigation water for RIC’s consortium members and make RIC a net exporter of power to the grid.

Rentricity says over 100 billion gallons of water a day flows through pipes for agriculture and represents a huge market for in-pipe clean energy recovery.

Lucid Energy also has an in-pipe hydropower technology. Lucid recently worked with the Portland Water Bureau (PWB), installing the LucidPipe Power System inside a PWB pipeline to spin four 42” turbines that are now producing electricity for Portland General Electric (PGE) customers under a 20-year power purchase agreement.

Photo: Irrigation via Shutterstock

One comment on “Irrigation Company Generates Hydro Power

  1. Excellent example of how to reuse existing systems to improve sustainability. Frankly, this concept is so simple that I’m surprised no other irrigation company has thought of doing it before.

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