Jet Manufacturer Saves 90% on Lighting Energy with LED System

April 23, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

Digital Lumens Energy ManageDassault Falcon Jet has deployed the Digital Lumens Intelligent LED Lighting System across its distribution center in Little Ferry, New Jersey, saving 90 percent on lighting-related energy.

With the lighting system, Dassault Falcon Jet will reduce the facility’s annual energy consumption from 610,677 kWh to 62,809 kWh, cutting roughly $53,691 from the annual energy bills. It expects to save another 10 percent by eliminating maintenance and relamping costs associated with its previous metal halides and T8 fluorescents.

The aviation company will be able to fine-tune lighting output settings, create profiles to match facility operating hours and provide light only when and where needed.

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