Kellogg’s Mexicali Plant Saves 88% in Cooling Costs

October 31, 2014 By Karen Henry

coolerado-energy-manageKellogg’s has reduced energy consumption at its Mexicali, Mexico, food processing plant by 88 percent. The facility regularly deals with ambient temperatures exceeding 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Powered by Coolerado’s  heat mass exchange (HMX) cooling technology, Kellogg’s is experiencing an annual savings of $62,000 in cooling costs.

Compared to a traditional system that would consume as much as 60 kW during peak use, the Coolerado system at the Kellogg’s plant uses only 7.1 kW during peak power conditions. According to the company, Coolerado HMX units typically use one-tenth the energy of traditional AC units.

Coolerado’s M50 line of air conditioners do not use chemical refrigerants like CFCs that are believed to create greenhouse gases, deplete the ozone and contribute to global warming.

Coolerado launched its M50 Downflow air conditioning unit earlier this year.

Tier III data center in Romoland, California says it is saving 80 percent in energy costs translating to $24,000 per year from using Coolerado’s energy efficient air conditioners.

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