Keys to a Successful Efficiency Project

August 19, 2016 By Carl Weinschenk

hvacTom Hartman, the Principal of The Hartman Company, posted a commentary at Facility Executive that laid out four factors necessary for a successful energy efficiency project. According to Hartman, the keys are collaborative design, advanced controls, system-level optimization and accountability support.

Collaborative design, as the name implies, aims to create measures that with input from all stakeholders, including architects and all engineering disciplines. Advanced controls – which he defines as being effective, sophisticated and well-supported – are not commonly in use today. System-level optimization integrates HVAC and other systems in a manner that optimizes efficiency. Accountability support is a management strategy ensuring “that equipment and systems operate as expected and each building meets its overall energy use target.”

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  1. From years of experience I would say he is right on target. I would add a fifth item. That would be Sr. or Executive level commitment that exceeds the pro forma policy additions with open and personal leadership and actual personal involvement at some level.

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