Big Biogas Project Underway Down Under

November 11, 2015 By Carl Weinschenk

Biobiomassgas plant manufacturer Weltec Biopower and Aquatec Maxcon are building a plant in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

PennEnergy reports that the 1 MW biogas plant will be one of the first in the nation. The goal is to make Yarra Valley Water’s Aurora plant energy self-sufficient. Two stainless steel digesters will be fed 100 tons of organic waste daily. The sources of the waste will be divided between leftovers from cafeterias and restaurants and sludge from fats, oils, breweries and dairies and other sources, according to PennEnergy.

By 2020, Australia will produce 22 TWh of power. A more consistent use of biowaste would enable the waste-to-energy segment to play a greater role in that energy production, the story says.

Australia is not the only country interested in bio energy. The U.S. Department of Agriculture last month made grants to 21 states –a total of $100 million – in its Biofuels Infrastructure Program. The grants, when matched by private and state contributions, will lead to investments of $210 million.

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