Larson Electronics Releases Mobile Power Distribution Center

July 21, 2014 By Karen Henry

larson-mobile-energy-manageLarson Electronics has released a mobile power distribution system to provide a way for operators in industrial settings to utilize power sources independently of the work area.

Operators can use the MDC-240-100MB-8X120 power distribution system when performing plant turnarounds, maintenance and equipment installations and repairs, as well as when cleaning in hazardous areas. It can be used in any activities requiring an alternative to native power sources.

The portable transformer is designed to operate with 240 volt AC electrical current that then steps down to 120 volt AC. The power distribution system makes 120 volt AC available with eight 20 amp, 120 volt GFCI protected 5–20 duplex receptacles with weatherproof covers.

The transformer and distribution assembly is mounted to a standard upright steel dolly cart style frame. This temporary power distribution system can be modified to meet the needs of job-site receptacle requirements, conforms to UL 508A, and is NEMA 3R rated.

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