Las Vegas Sands Properties Reduced Electricity Consumption by 47.3M kWh in 2013

August 15, 2014 By Karen Henry

Marina Bay Sands-energy-manageLas Vegas Sands (LVS) Corporation released “Behind the Scenes: 2013 Sands ECO 360° Report,” an environmental impact report detailing the company’s green building approach, environmentally responsible operations, sustainable meetings program and stakeholder engagement initiatives. The report highlighted the following sustainability accomplishments among its properties and employees:

  • One hundred and twenty sustainability-focused ideas were collected through LVS’ Ec-o-pinion campaign.
  • More than 5,000 employees engaged in sustainability-related activities.
  • The Sands Bethlehem in Pennsylvania reported $90,000 in annual energy savings through LED lighting installation and delamping.
  • The Sands Las Vegas reported an 80 percent reduction in wattage by switching to an LED candelabra light that was customized for the property by GE Lighting.
  • The Sands Macao in China saved 17.5 million kWh of electricity by installing LED lighting.

LVS achieved eight new environmental awards and certifications; now almost all of LVS’ properties around the world hold at least one third-party sustainability certification.

Worldwide, LVS properties reduced their electricity consumption by 47.3 million kWh through energy-efficiency projects.

The Sands ECO 360° global sustainability program is part of the company’s vision to become a leader in sustainable development and resort operations.

Photo of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore via Shutterstock.

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