LED Firm Partners With Energy Analytics Company

January 4, 2013 By Linda Hardesty

Noribachi has partnered with IntelEnergy to offer a comprehensive energy service for facilities, including upgrades for lighting, HVAC, system motors and electrical distribution systems.

Noribachi’s LED lighting will be paired with IntelEnergy’s energy use analytics. The two companies have already completed several US federal government installations and have begun work on new energy reduction and lighting upgrade projects together. The companies say their combined service can, in many cases, reduce more than 30 percent of a facilities’ energy use.

The holistic approach includes surveying, designing, and installing energy saving technologies, including Noribachi’s LED lighting. When Noribachi’s LED products are qualified by the Design Lights Consortium, an organization that works with utility companies to identify efficient lighting, many lighting upgrades can be subsidized through utility rebates.

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