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LED Lights Sports Arenas, Saves 60% in kW

Linda Hardesty

Hubbell Energy ManageHubbell Lighting created its ArenaLED specifically for interior sports and civic arenas to produce optimal television and live audience viewing, as well as low-glare light for players.

Hubbell says most current sports arena lighting fixtures require motorized shade options for the instant blackout effect, but its ArenaLED delivers immediate on/off. This eliminates uncertainty and maintenance of the shades for halftime events or other venue shows.

Delivering 40,000 lumens at 92+ lumens per watt, the ArenaLED provides a calculated 100,000-hour lifespan. According to Hubbell, in a 10,000-seat arena, the typical lighting system consists of 70 1,000W HID fixtures. If replaced with the same number of 415W ArenaLED fixtures, there will be a 60 percent reduction in kW consumption and an annual savings of up to $18,000 (based on $0.10KWH).

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