LED Project Pioneers Dimming Controls on Public Street Lighting

November 3, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

LEDA closed military base in Maine was redeveloped for civilian use, and the project included new LED street lighting with dimming capability.

Pemco Holdings, in partnership with Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority, completed the Brunswick Landing LED street lighting improvement project at the former Naval Air Station in Brunswick, Maine. The project, which pioneered the use of dimming controls on public street lighting in the United States, includes the upgrade of 650 street and area lights with new LED fixtures and radio frequency-enabled control and monitoring systems.

The improvements will reduce gross energy and maintenance costs by an estimated 80 percent and will be paid for from savings generated by the program over 10 years. Approximately 12-15 percent of the cost reduction is due to the dimming controls. Radio frequency controls are used in targeted low traffic areas to dim lighting at predetermined schedules. The new program and LED street light installation replaced high pressure sodium and metal halide fixtures.

Pemco developed, financed and managed the installation. Pemco partnered with Enterprise Electric, RJM Engineering and Swiftcurrent Engineering for the project.

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