LEDs Light Ohio Walmart Store

October 21, 2013 By Linda Hardesty

Energy Manage WalmartA newly relocated Walmart store in South Euclid, Ohio, features 100 percent LED lighting. The company says the LED lighting is 80 percent more efficient than traditional lightbulbs and that the LED lighting in the grocery section of the new store, alone, will save more than 59,000 kWh a year.

Walmart recently launched a line of Great Value LED bulbs for consumers, starting at under $10.

Other Sustainability Features of the new South Euclid store include:

  • Electric vehicle charging stations in the parking lot
  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Heat Reclamation
  • Carbon Dioxide Low Temp & Glycol Medium Temp Secondary Loop Refrigeration
  • HE HVAC Equipment
  • Integrated Refrigeration & Heating System
  • Doors on Medium Temp Refrigerated Cases
  • White Roof

Walmart says the LED lighting in the parking lot will reduce energy consumption by 50 percent, and the daylight harvesting via skylights will reducing energy to light the sales floor by an average of 25 percent. Re-using the heat from on-site refrigerant equipment can supply up to 60 percent of in-store hot water needs; and by testing the use of doors on cases that house deli foods, the company expects to reduce refrigeration energy use by about 20 percent.

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