Legrand Eyes Further Energy Reductions

June 23, 2014 By Karen Henry

legrand-logo-energy-manageThe US Department of Energy estimates that its partners in the Better Building, Better Plant (BBBP) program have saved about 45 trillion BTUs and $240 million since the start of the program, adding that by investing $100 million in energy-efficient technologies by 2020, the US manufacturing sector could save nearly $50 billion.

Leading the charge, according to a recent article in Forbes, is Legrand North America. The company achieved a 32 percent reduction in energy intensity across 14 US sites in four years, far surpassing its initial commitment to achieve a 25 percent reduction by 2020 as a partner in the BBBP program. Legrand executives said in the Forbes article that the company had been spending about $300,000 per year and has achieved a cumulative savings of $2.5 million in three years.

The company has now upped the ante, announcing that it plans to achieve another 25 percent reduction across its North American sites.

Its success to date has been primarily due to a change in attitude and behavior, company executives explained. The company took a top-down, behavior-based approach to energy efficiency. Legrand North American President and CEO John Selldorff chaired the kick-off meeting personally to show his commitment to the program.

Company leadership encouraged energy conversation across sites by providing incentives. For example, Legrand hosted a contest between sites to see which one could save the most energy in an eight-hour day. In that single day, the company said it averaged a 24 percent intensity reduction.

To achieve the next 25 percent reduction, the company said sub-metering will be important, so it will be dedicating resources solely to a sub-metering project and hosting an EDF Climate Corps fellow to work with the energy-efficiency team.

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