Legrand Lays Out Regulatory Landscape for High Performance Buildings

June 30, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

legrand energy manage


Legrand published a white paper that lays out all the major standards related to high-performance buildings in the United States.

Legrand’s paper “A Guide to the Building Performance Landscape,” reviews the wide array of initiatives that influence or impact the creation and evaluation of high performance buildings in the US, which is evaluated and regulated through a broad array of mechanisms.

Legrand finds 15 mechanisms, which it groups into five major categories based on their fundamental functions and the scope of performance issues they address:

  1. Building Energy Disclosure: Require building owners to collect and report annual energy usage.
  2. Building (Energy & Sustainability) Codes and Standards: Set forth minimum efficiency requirements to achieve targeted reduction in energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Professional and Industry Sponsored Rating Programs: Seek to promote best practices in building performance within a specific industry or professional community.
  4. Building Ratings Systems and Certifications: Provide prescriptive building performance criteria that require third-party verification.
  5. Building Design Guidance: Provides highly substantive guidance on building design but does not entail any form of certification or reporting.

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