Leviton Debuts Lumina Wireless Energy Management

March 3, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

LuminaLeviton released its Lumina Gateway and the related wireless Lumina RF energy management product family, including occupancy sensors, motion sensors, door and window contacts, load control modules, light switches, thermostats, in-wall touchscreens and mobile applications.

Lumina Gateway and its accompanying product family were designed specifically for small commercial operations such as retail, office, restaurant and storefront spaces. The system also features event logic scheduling, up to 40 connected wireless two-way sensors and load control. Additionally, the Leviton Cloud Service was created for the professional installer as a method to facilitate user-friendly system connections, proper installation and secure encrypted communication.

Leviton’s Lumina RF family ensures energy savings in new construction and retrofit applications, utilizing wireless sensors and devices to control temperatures, lamps, fans, pumps and third-party window coverings, with access to IP cameras for video surveillance. The Gateway itself functions as an energy management coordinator allowing automation of loads and control of multiple properties from smartphone apps.

Additionally, three wireless thermostats provide temperature and humidity notifications, advanced scheduling and remote control via apps, while a selection of wireless sensors enable open and close, motion or occupancy based events.


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