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Kentucky Utilities Expand Energy-Efficiency Programs

November 18, 2014 By Karen Henry

LGE_KU Energy ManageThe Kentucky Public Service Commission approved plans filed by Louisville Gas and Electric (LG&E) and Kentucky Utilities (KU) to expand the following energy efficiency programs.

  1. Commercial energy analysis and rebates: Adds an online energy audit tool based on the commercial customer’s actual usage, retires the utilities’ former commercial energy analysis program to offer financial rebates that offset customer costs for third-party on-site energy audits, and offers rebates for new construction.
  2. Commercial demand conservation: Enhances incentives and extends program offerings to commercial customers who sign up to participate in peak demand cycling events, either by installing an energy management system or individual energy demand load-control switches, from June through September.

The utilities also announced that they will extend existing energy education and public education efforts, including the existing children’s energy education program available to grades K–8, training opportunities for building industry professionals and existing energy education, and public information efforts to encourage customers to reduce their energy usage and participate in available programs.

Since introducing its energy efficiency programs eight years ago, LG&E and KU said that participating customers, which include residential, have achieved about 330 MW in energy reduction.

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