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Lime Energy to Provide Clean Energy Tech to 1,000 Small Businesses

August 27, 2015 By Carl Weinschenk

lime energy manageIn response to President Obama’s call to make renewable energy more accessible to home owners, The Lime Energy Co. will provide clean energy technology to 1,000 small businesses in low and moderate income communities across the country.

Lime provides energy services to utilities and their commercial customers. The energy savings generated by the offers will amount to more than $1 billion and will create more than 8,335 jobs during the next decade, according to the company. Lime Energy is headquartered in Newark, N.J. The commitment was made in response to President Obama’s new set of executive actions and private sector commitments that he hopes will accelerate America’s transition to cleaner sources of energy and cut energy waste.

There are other efforts underway to provide energy help to economically disadvantaged areas. For instance, in June Grid Alternatives provided The East Baltimore C.A.R.E. neighborhood with solar installations for 10 families, a community center, cool roofs and hands on training.

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