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Little Hesitation for Green Energy in the UK

April 24, 2014 By William Opalka

UKprojectsEight major renewable electricity projects, with a significant emphasis on offshore wind, were awarded contracts in the UK, giving a massive boost to green energy growth.

By 2020 the projects could add a further 4.5 GW of low-carbon electricity to Britain’s energy mix (about 4 percent of capacity).

They include five offshore wind projects totaling 3,184 MW, two coal-to-biomass conversions for 1,065 MW, and one dedicated biomass with combined heat and power for 299 MW. Solar energy has made less of an impact and is much smaller in scale.

About 15TWh would be generated or 14 percent of the renewable electricity expected by 2020.
The government said these are the first investments from reforms to build the world’s first low carbon electricity market.

There has been significant growth in renewable electricity sector with the renewables’ share of total electricity generation more than doubling since 2010. It reached a record 17.6 percent of generation in the fourth quarter of 2013. The UK has a target that expects to deliver over 30 percent renewable electricity in 2020.

In contrast, the European Commission recently adopted new rules that will require less funding for renewable energy from industry.

One comment on “Little Hesitation for Green Energy in the UK

  1. This article neglects a range of things such as the Tory party manifesto expressly proposes reducing support for onshore wind, Tory party reductions in renewable energy support and the UK Government’s rejection of part of the Drax coal to biomass conversion.

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