Local Businesses Compete to Reduce Electric Use 11%

September 12, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

PECI energy manageA recently concluded energy-saving contest, designed and implemented by the non-profit PECI, and supported by the Bonneville Power Administration and Snohomish County Public Utility District, showed how local businesses could save energy through employee actions and low-cost equipment changes.

The Stanwood Energy Challenge pitted two teams (the Watt Watchers and Stanwood C-Hawks), consisting of eight local businesses each, against each other in a friendly five-month competition to save energy. PECI and Snohomish PUD provided each business with simple energy saving tips and access to an online dashboard that tracked and displayed each team’s real-time energy use data. Despite its long duration, the competition came down to the wire, with the Stanwood C-Hawks logging cumulative electric savings of 11.4 percent and narrowly surpassing the Watt Watchers’ 11.1 percent reduction.

PECI’s Stanwood Energy Challenge was an evolution of a successful 2012 pilot with Starbucks, BPA and Snohomish PUD. These principles are also being put to work in programs for larger buildings, including an analytics-enabled retrocommissioning program that uses energy management to remotely identify good candidates for incentivized retrocommissioning services.

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