Locus Energy Launches Virtual Irradiance Solar Analytics

July 9, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Locus Energy launched an irradiance modeling tool, Virtual Irradiance (VI), which provides solar fleet operators with data on the amount of sunlight that is striking the ground, enabling an accurate assessment of solar PV system performance.

VI allows solar fleet managers to determine if a system is performing up to expectations based on the amount of sunlight that is available at a particular time and location. The data enables operators to identify which solar systems fail to meet performance expectations, assess how much value was lost and solve problems at an individual site or across an entire portfolio.

VI uses data from weather stations and satellite imagery. For small- to medium- sized systems, VI eliminates the need for an on-site sensor, which may be prohibitively expensive. For larger systems at which an on-site sensor may already have been installed, VI can fill gaps in and validate sensor data, which can become skewed due to miscalibration, soiling and other factors.

Extra Space Storage, an owner and operator of self-storage properties with more than 700,000 units under management, is partnering with Locus Energy on VI to help manage its portfolio of 150 solar systems.

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