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Low-Energy Air Filters Reduce HVAC Costs

January 2, 2014 By William Opalka

Energy Manage CamfilEnergy efficiency alone isn’t enough to reduce HVAC costs, so Camfil low-energy air filters were designed to achieve this purpose.

Norland Managed Services managed a London office building that was home to one of the world’s major financial institutions and indoor air quality could not be compromised. Camfil designs remove dangerous particles from the air than more traditional filters, while requiring less energy to do so.

In a test trial in 600,000-square-foot office building in central London, one air handling unit was fitted with a single-stage Camfil Hi-Flo M7 Bag Filter. The filter featured an innovative, sustainability-focused design and no modification of the building’s infrastructure was necessary.

Over a four-month testing period, pressure and energy readings were recorded at specified intervals. The result was air quality was improved while energy consumption and carbon emissions reduced. In total, a 26-percent savings was achieved. And the air filters lasted far longer than the previous designs, waste and disposal costs also reduced.


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