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Major Energy Upgrade to Marine’s Camp Lejeune

August 8, 2016 By Carl Weinschenk

Energy Manage Marine CorpsCamp Lejeune, a Marine base in Jacksonville, NC, is replacing its steam plant with natural gas boilers, according to JD News.

The goal is to decentralize hot water and heat generation. The steam plant that has long provided hot water and heat at full operation uses about 36,000 tons of coal annually. It currently is burning about 70 tons daily. The new approach is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 69,000 tons per year and save about $13 million annually. The base is comprised of 474 buildings. It will take 60 to 90 days to outfit each with new boilers. The $150 million project has a projected payback period of seven years or less, according to the story.

Last month, Schneider Electric USA and Black & Veatch announced that they would jointly build a microgrid at the Marine Corps Station Miramar in San Diego.

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