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Maryland Government Reduces Energy 11% Since 2008

March 11, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

energyCAPThe state government of Maryland has achieved an 11 percent reduction in energy use since 2008 and is on track to meet the Empower Maryland goal of a 15 percent reduction by 2015.

In order to measure its energy use to meet its statewide efficiency targets, in April 2008, the state installed EnergyCAP tracking software for 8,695 electricity meters, 1,086 natural gas meters, 610 oil meters, 229 propane meters and 50 steam meters, along with other meters for water and sewage. Tracked commodities are associated with more than 5,000 places, including fisheries, parks, stadiums, airports, hospitals, traffic lights, road lighting, signage, and every sort of building type from classrooms to courthouses to correctional facilities.

According to a new case study by EnergyCAP, the company’s energy tracking software also has helped with the measurement and verification of Maryland’s performance contracts with third party providers. As of December, 2013, 21 energy performance contracts were saving $21.3 million annually with estimated total savings of $310 million throughout the life of the contracts. EnergyCAP is used to develop an energy baseline for each contract and to track use and cost to validate savings.

EnergyCAP also provides state energy managers with data necessary to secure the most competitive bids for purchasing deregulated natural gas and electricity.

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