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Massachusetts Town Reduces Annual Electricity Use by 14%

August 15, 2014 By Karen Henry

essex mass-energy-manageConstellation and the Town of Essex, Mass., completed an energy-efficient lighting project designed to reduce the town’s electricity consumption by an estimated 85,266 kWh annually—more than 14 percent of the town’s usage.

Energy-efficient lighting was installed in Essex’s town hall, police and fire station, senior center, water filtration plant and department of public works facility. The upgrades required no upfront investment from the town as part a 48-month electricity supply contract through Constellation’s Efficiency Made Easy program for commercial, industrial and municipal customers.

Constellation worked with local utilities to incorporate all eligible rebates into the project. Lenox, Mass.-based ESCO installed the lighting upgrade.

By allowing the town to roll project costs into future power bills and install lighting upgrades before its contract renewal in 2015, Constellation helped Essex save an additional $19,000 in energy costs, according to town officials.

The town also adopted a flexible electricity procurement program to achieve its energy budget goals. Rather than purchasing all of its power needs at a single point in time, the town will make multiple purchases for various percentages of its future energy usage when market conditions are favorable.

Photo of Barn in Essex, Mass., via Shutterstock.


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