Merck Educates Employees with Schneider Electric’s Energy University

August 20, 2014 By Karen Henry

schneider-electric-logo-energy-manageHealth care pharmaceutical company Merck has launched Schneider Electric’s Energy University to educate its employees about energy efficiency.

Energy University is a free, online program featuring more than 350 educational courses that provide guidance on improving energy efficiency within an organization. Merck will use Energy University as an internal training tool for its Global Energy Network for Improvement in Usage and Supply (GENIUS) teams, with the goal of educating employees to make smarter choices about energy efficiency. The online courses can help Merck’s 70,000 employees realize more than 30 percent energy savings within their buildings, facility or private residence.

The Energy University Program will also provide employees with the opportunity to become certified as a Professional Energy Manager (PEM).

Within the Energy University learning platform, Schneider Electric has created four distinct development paths for Merck with different courses for specific groups of employees.

  1. Basic training is a baseline path for GENIUS team leaders to identify opportunities for energy efficiency.
  2. Advanced training provides an expanded understanding of energy management and energy system and equipment principles for GENIUS team leaders, facility managers, engineering managers and site utility operations and maintenance personnel.
  3. Site energy team member training is an introductory course designed for site energy team members and any other employees interested in learning more about energy efficiency standards.
  4. “Treasure hunt” participant training offers fundamentals to help employees find energy efficiency opportunities, measure waste and calculate savings during a three-day, cross-functional team event, which has been conducted at 10 facilities worldwide, enabling Merck to identify more than $27 million in savings.

Each site will be represented by an energy champion, who is responsible for leading a cross-functional team in finding and implementing energy efficiency improvements.

Ten Starbucks coffee shops participated in a similar endeavor in 2012 when they used Lucid’s real-time Building Dashboard as part of a pilot project to change employee energy use behavior.

Earlier this year, Snohomish County Public Utility District in Washington launched a community-based Stanwood Energy Challenge, in which two teams of eight businesses each competed to see which could save more energy.

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