Michigan IKEA Increases Solar Array 25%

December 5, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

IKEAIKEA plans to increase the solar array atop its Detroit-area store that opened eight years ago in Canton, Mich. In September, IKEA began work on a 44,000-sq-foot expansion to the store, which will increase the array’s size by 25 percent. The new panels will be installed beginning Spring 2015.

The 40,000-sq-foot solar addition will consist of a 240.9-kW system built with 765 panels and will produce 287,490 kWh more of electricity annually for the store. Including the existing system, IKEA Canton’s total 1,218.5-kW solar installation of 4,925 panels will generate 1,426,490 kWh yearly.

IKEA selected Inovateus Solar for the development, design and installation of the store’s solar system.

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