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Military Uses Microgrid for Forward Operating Bases

March 28, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Eaton Energy ManageEaton launched a microgrid management system to enhance the efficiency and reliability of military forward operating bases. The new Mobile Power Distribution System can transform independently operating generators into a demand-managed microgid.

In initial testing at US military base Fort Devens, the systems reduced fuel consumption in excess of 30 percent.

The Mobile Power Distribution System is designed to provide adequate power to meet current demands, rather than inefficiently engaging all generators at all times. This can reduce energy waste. Also it helps prevent grid collapse caused by generator fault by shifting demand onto supporting generators.

Intelligent Mobile Power Distribution System is designed to be compatible with leading generator manufacturers to help simplify installation and enhance scalability for future power system expansion. Additionally, the demand-managed system can be connected with optional solar and energy storage connectivity.

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