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Mississippi Power to Slash Monthly Fuel Costs

December 4, 2015 By Cheryl Kaften

Mississippi Power – a subsidiary of Southern Company that provides electricity to more than 186,000 customers in the Magnolia State – announced on November 23 that it had filed a fuel cost request with the Mississippi Public Service Commission (PSC) designed to reduce the portion of customer bills related to fuel.

The requested decrease is being driven by what the utility anticipates to be a total annual reduction of $120 million in 2016 fuel costs. If the filing is approved, a residential customer using 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per month could see an average savings of $13.70 on each bill as of February 2016.

“I am very pleased with the operation and reliability of all of our generating plants and the team of employees who support them,” said, Mississippi Power President Anthony Wilson. “Customers are receiving direct benefits from our ability to deliver clean, safe, reliable and affordable electricity from a flexible fuel portfolio.”

The cost of fuel is a separate component of customers’ electricity bills. The recovery of fuel costs is allowed under Mississippi law and Mississippi Power does not earn a profit on fuel costs.

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