Modular Metering Promises Increased Energy Efficiency, Reduced Power Costs

June 18, 2014 By Karen Henry

Siemens-SEM3-energy-manageSiemens has unveiled a modular metering product for energy monitoring, data analysis and sub-billing applications. The Siemens Embedded Micro Metering Module (SEM3) is targeted for multi-family, commercial and industrial applications, and allows for low-, medium- and high-density metering requirements to be met using only a few standardized components, the company said.

SEM3 can be installed standalone or incorporated into existing applications. The module provides real-time data from the controller’s standard built-in web pages. It has two levels of accuracy and can be customized to meet large or small metering needs. The SEM3 system is commonly used in the following applications:

  • Sub-billing and cost allocation.
  • System diagnostics and trending.
  • LEED certification, measurement and verification.
  • Load management.
  • Commercial, residential and industrial metering.
  • Meter system retrofits.
  • Data center branch circuit monitoring.

SEM3 is pre-engineered to integrate into new Siemens panelboards and switchboards but can be implemented in OEM and retrofit applications as well.

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