Molex Becomes Cisco Solutions Technology Integrator

November 9, 2015 By Carl Weinschenk


Molex said last week that it has become a Cisco Solutions Technology Integrator for connected commercial LED lighting. The company will work with Cisco and luminaire manufacturing partners to create the Transcend Connected Lighting System to deploy LED control with highly secure network architectures in non-residential settings.

Molex says that the transcend Connected Lighting System is an intelligent, low-voltage network that powers and controls LED fixtures and other devices. The system facilitates smart building convergence over IP networks, according to the press release. It uses power-over-Ethernet powering platforms and is open and scalable, according to Molex.

The Transcend system, which establishes connectivity from Cisco network switches to lighting fixtures, is  evidence that data networks and smart building approaches are coalescing.

LEDinside reported last week that the Goshen (OH) Local School District has installed more than 3,900 Orion LED Troffer Retrofit fixtures. Duke Energy awarded the district a rebate of $130,160 for the upgrade.


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