Motor Management and Protection Relay from Eaton

September 14, 2015 By Carl Weinschenk

Eaton logoEaton has introduced the Power Xpert C445 intelligent motor management and protection relay, which is designed for heavy industrial and continuous process operations.

The goals, according to the company, are to hike energy awareness compared to traditional methods, enhance operator safety and improve operations through enhanced diagnostics. Industries with complex startup and shut down procedures will find the Xpert C445 useful. These include companies in the oil and gas, pulp and paper and sanitary waste water treatment industries.

Monitoring industrial-scale motors can save significant amounts of energy. In March, Asset Sustainability@Work introduced Motors@Work v 2.0 electric motor life-cycle energy performance management system.  In July, Siemens Industry Services announced a monitoring service using technology from Veros Systems. The approach is to use high frequency measurements of currents and voltages to assess the operating performance and health of the motors.

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