Motors@Work Manages Motor-Driven Energy

June 9, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

motors energy manageDes Moines Water Works (DMWW) selected Motors@Work to systematically support DMWW in the identification of inefficient or oversized motor-driven non-conformities and operating and design change modifications. Motors@Work will initiate and communicate repair and replacement measures and determine potential savings. It will also monitor power quality and identify anomalies to meet motor-driven systems-rated efficiency and performance levels.

DMWW is employing Motors@Work as it looks to attain DOE Superior Energy Performance (SEP) certification.

DMWW’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) application has an asset-specific structure. It manages each asset as either an individual item (like a motor), or as a group (like a pumping system). DMWW says its energy and carbon management program needs this asset-specific approach to identify those assets and systems that need improvement.

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