Nantucket Airport to be Country’s First Airport to Achieve Net-Zero Status

July 2, 2014 By Karen Henry

nantucket-energy-manageMassachusetts Governor Deval Patrick launched phase two of a project to make Nantucket Memorial Airport (ACK) the first airport in the country to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from its airport-controlled operations. The implementation phase includes the execution of energy-conservation measures and renewable energy installations that will reduce ACK’s reliance on external energy sources and eliminate nearly 1,000 metric tons of carbon emissions each year at the airport.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) Aeronautics Division and Volpe National Transportation Systems Center began a pilot program in October 2012 to create the first airport with “carbon neutral” ground operations in the United States. In addition to assisting ACK in implementing measures that reduce fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, the Carbon Neutral Airport Pilot Program will identify lessons learned and best practices to help other general aviation and large commercial service airports in Massachusetts and across the country attain carbon-neutral status.

Phase one of the project included data collection, inventory and a comprehensive energy audit that allowed the airport to identify improvements to save energy. The energy audit was conducted by Honeywell Building Solutions of Canton.

Phase two will implement more than 25 energy-conservation measures such the deployment of photovoltaic solar panel arrays, as well as a suite of new building equipment including both indoor and outdoor LED lighting, retro commissioning of major mechanical systems including energy recovery ventilators, building envelope improvements, solar thermal development, an integrated building management platform, infrared garage heating and boiler burner replacements.

The Carbon Neutral project includes $805,000 in MassDOT Aeronautics funding along with other expected local and federal funding sources.

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