National Aquarium Hires Constellation for Solar

October 30, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Energy Manage ConstellationThe National Aquarium signed a 25-year competitive electricity supply agreement with Constellation, which will fund, construct and operate a 4.3 MW grid-connected solar generation project in Cambridge, Md., developed with OneEnergy Renewables.

Scheduled for completion in March 2015, the system is designed to generate an estimated 5.8 million kWh during its first year of operation, more than 40 percent of the Aquarium’s annual electricity needs. The Aquarium will receive solar renewable energy credits from the system for a portion of the term of its electricity supply agreement.

The long-term power agreement enables the Aquarium to receive a fixed price for electricity supply equal to the amount of power generated by the solar facility while retaining the ability to purchase the remainder of its electricity supply at market rate under Constellation’s flexible index program.

Solar firm OneEnergy Renewables, a project developer focused on middle-market (2-50 MW) projects, led the pre-construction development efforts for the solar power system.

The system will be comprised of about 14,500 photovoltaic panels, located on about 22 acres.

Earlier this year, the National Aquarium said it had hired Constellation to implement $3.7 million in energy and water conservation measures through a 15-year energy savings performance contract (ESPC).

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